Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Prayer

Today Sweetness and I went to a friend's church to say goodbye to her and her husband as they move away to Pennsylvania. She is such a sweet friend and dear prayer partner. We will certainly miss you PJ and Tara.

After the service, we were all milling around and talking, and their pastor Dan Backens was hanging right there with us. I had one of those nudgings from the Lord to talk with him, that I have ignored FAR TOO MANY TIMES. Determined not to do that anymore, I asked him if Sweetness and I could speak with him.

After a very tearful short recount of our journey with infertility, he laid hands on us and prayed for us. It was such a moving prayer in which he asked he Lord for our miracle, he asked Him to open a door no man can close, and to open my womb. He said "Lord, DO IT, DO IT for this couple who love you." I was so humbled and peaceful after it was over. I could not thank him enough.

I bawled and so did my Sweetness, and sometimes when you keep suppressing these feelings day after day just to make it, when you finally let the tears fall, man do they fall. Like a waterfall. It was like a tidal wave, but oddly I was not embarrassed, just thankful.

Thankful for a God that DOES care, that DOES hear our prayers, and that DOES DO MIRACLES! Do it Lord, Do it for us, and we will give you all the Glory!!!