Monday, February 27, 2012

19 weeks old and 4 month well baby visit!!!

Well Mommy made a big "goof" on the dry erase board that says how many weeks she is. I guess I tried to age my baby girl a week prematurely??!! She is not 20 weeks old this week, in fact she is only 19 weeks old. I'm so sorry sweetie, you will be 20 weeks next Sunday!

But it does not take away from her beauty in her weekly pictures/ She is still our gorgeous , precious little girl that is growing up before our very eyes and we are amazed at her intelligence and curiosity!!
Last Friday, 2.24.12, she went to her regular 4 month well baby check up at the pediatrician. She now weighs 13 lbs and 2.0 ozs, she was 65.4 cm (25.75") long and her head was 42.5 cm (16.73") in circumference. She is doing great in all the categories and she has really taken off now in the height category because she was quite short at her 2 month visit. So now she has caught up with her baby counterparts per se. LOL.
Just a happy happy girl!!!

That was until they gave her two shots in her little legs and one orally. She was inconsolable for almost 2 hours. Even the doctors tried to help calm her and it was not happening. My heart was aching for my girl. She would not even take a bottle. Does anyone else's children go ballistic after shots like that?

Baby girl was sporting her new jeans earlier in the weekend as well.

She was still wearing her Newborn sized jeans if you can believe that one!!!

We tried to get a few pictures, but I think she was tired and was not feeling like smiling so much then, so we just decided to give her a bath and lay her down to bed for the night.

She has really started to LOVE the bath. She is so cute splashing and cooing!!!

I'm sure it looks strange to have her bathtub in her nursery floor?? The reason we moved it in there in stead of in the bath tub as usual is our heat pump (central heat) decided to die on Friday. So it was so cold in our house, much too cold to bath our girl.

But we do have a new space heater that we used to heat up her bedroom so she stayed nice and toasty overnight and we slept under the electric blanket and and we were all okay.

Luckily, I pay for a home warranty premium insurance every month in case something like this happens. So we called them yesterday and a service call was made and they came out and told us that our problem is that the compressor is dead!!! Yippee....NOT!!

So the part has to be ordered - it will take about 2 days to come in and we don't even know if it's going to be covered under the warranty- we should find out today hen the repair man calls the warranty company to tell them his diagnosis.

He also replaced two burnt out spark plugs thingys so we at least had "Emerency Heat".
This man was a life- saver!!! I will post next about our new 55" TV and entertainment center as well as Sweetness' Val Day gift I made from as promised.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 months old--- Feb.16, 2012

4 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!

Even though by my standards she was already 4 months old-when she turned 16 weeks, but everyone seems to go by the 16th of the month so that milestone was this past week, and of course we took some more pictures right??!!

And she is just as cute as always !!!
Gettin' a little belly in her onesie.....

Love you boo-bear...... You are my whole world!!!

It looks like she is putting her hand in her pocket of her sweat pants!!! My girl is advanced!!! Ha!!

Until next month- we will try to cherish each day, it's going way too fast. I love you- as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

Monday, February 20, 2012

18 weeks and growing up fast!!!

18 weeks old!!!! Baby girl is getting so big, and she is becoming increasingly more uncooperative for her weekly photos. Oh she smiles all day long, but as soon as I want to take a few pics with her sitting somewhere, nope!!! She wants to go!!!

I guess this is a good thing- it means she is growing a developing normally and she should be wanting to fidget and move, but I loved it when I could pose her and get the adorable I have to WORK for each one!!!

Her Aunt Joanie sent her this beautiful lavender dress, which she looks so beautiful in, so I thought it would be a nice outfit to take her weekly pictures in.
I think we have beat the reflux, colic or whatever it was. She is now sleeping through the night and it is so nice to see her happy. However we do have a period of the day from about 4-530ish where she is just not happy.
I know it's hard to believe this bundle of smiles is never not happy but when I bring her home from the sitters she seems to be so full of gas some days, its unbearable trying to get it all worked out. I've talked to her sitter, who we really really like, if she is doing anything different, and she says no, so we are still trying to figure out why the "witching hour" as we call it begins in earnest when I pick her up, but hopefully it ends soon.
I spend all day just DYING to get to her, and then to pick her up and she is screaming , is no fun at all. But she started "solids" this last week too. By that I mean a nice soupy rice cereal, so maybe she is taking in a lot of air when trying to eat off the spoon???? Anyone have any thoughts on this????

My angel is talking, and babbling all day long these days, and makes our home so happy!!!

Saturday we went to Target to get all the junk everybody gets at Target right? lol and we went to the "One Hop Shop" in the back of the store. It is the newly set up Easter area in the store for this season's Easter holiday. Easter happens to be my FAVORITE holiday of the year. I was so happy to take my baby girl to see some of the fun stuff they already had put out. Most of it she of course was far too young to appreciate, but man I can not wait until she will be able to enjoy Easter with her Mommy as I teach her what Easter is all about. Well we found these little tiny egg spinners that light up and she fell in love with it. She can even hold the toy now!!!

She was so fascinated with it- we had to get it for our girl of course....

She is starting to be so fun!!!! I am LOVING being a Mom!!!! And I included this last picture just for those of you that have written and asked "does she ever have a bad day?" or "Is she ever not smiling?" Well the answer is YES!!! and here is the proof. She can go from super happy to meltdown in 3-2-1 boom! just like any other kid, but most of her days are spent extremely happy!!! Awwwwww

And speaking of happy, one last little thing she did this weekend, she sat in her Bu.mbo for really the first time, and held her head up and laughed with Daddy and me.

She is such a fun kid- You just want to kiss those cheeks off!!! I am the luckiest Momma in the whole wide world! That little face loves me and how can you put a price on that???

And one last thing-- Thanks for all the comments on my last post when I asked should I keep blogging or not. I guess I just need some reassurance every now and then that there are actually people out there who are reading this, and who care. I am really doing all this for my daughter- but it's nice to get some feedback as well. So thank you- The blog rolls on.....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stream of Consciousness....

I have not had a chance to post Sweetness' Valentine's present that I made for him from a idea because I have been soooooo sick. I NEVER miss work, my classes will have no one to cover them, and when you teach college its kind of a big deal to miss, but yesterday I was so sick, I could not stop vomiting, it was really bad. I had Sweetness take Chloe to the sitter- I couldn't even watch her I was so sick.

So I am here at work today- just let my class out for the day, and I barely made it through. Only here because I had to be, they could never have finished the course on time if I missed 2 days!

But I'm feeling down. I put so much hard work into my blog, and I feel like no one cares or even reads it. NO ONE comments any more, so I wonder should I even do it anymore??

Yes I should.... for Chloe. This is to document her first year--- for her. I guess I would like to think that people would care and comment as much as I read and comment on other people's blogs, but life isn't always fair is it?

Chloe, Mommy works so hard to keep up with this blog, and the pictures for you because I will print this out in a book for you one day so you can see your first year and how amazing you were and how much you changed !

Speaking of change--- yesterday on the 16th was your technical 4 month birthday, so we will have to take your 4 month pictures tonight, now that mommy is feeling somewhat better!! Her sitter started trying rice cereal in a spoon and she did really great with it- so i will be doing that this weekend as well and I'm sure take pictures of all the fun!!!

I will post those later too!!! Hope everyone or anyone who reads this has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

So Miss Priss was a bit moody this Valentine's Day morning!!! She was not wanting to give Momma her pretty smiles so easily as usual. But she was doing some funny poses as you will see below!!!!

In looks like she went something like this.....

"Okay Momma, you just want ONE pretty smile?"

Me: "No baby,Can I have two pretty pictures of you in your pretty new dress?"

Chloe: "You want TWO Smiles??"
Chloe: "Awwww okay Momma, I'm just kidding with you...... Heee heeee"

Man I love this girl!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I will do post tomorrow on the Valentine's Gift I MADE Sweetness this year. Yes I said MADE it!!!! I got the idea off of Pinter.est and it turned out soooo cute.

Until then, hug the ones you love today and be loved!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

17 weeks!!

Baby girl has been obliging her momma and played dress up last week and today as we celebrate one of our favorite holidays in our house--Valentine's Day!!

A time to remind each other how much we love those special people in our life and I have had so much fun dressing up my doll baby in her Valentine's Day attire!!Here she is this morning, posing for her 17 week pictures!!! I just can not believe ANOTHER week has gone by so quickly!! But she is growing and changing so fast.

She truly is the BEST baby- we are SOOOOO totally blessed. She has slept through the night now for the past 6 days straight- so Sweetness and I are thinking she is making this a habit and we are done with middle of the night feedings!!!! YEAH CHLOE BUG!!!! We are so proud of you!!! You go to bed at 8pm and sleep until 6am now!!!
We have finally gotten the horrible reflux under control that we battled with so long. She is on liquid Zantac, 1ml twice a day and now 6ml bottles with cereal in them, helps soooo much!!! And on Thursday when she officially turns 4 months (on the 16th) we will begin feeding her cereal with a spoon!!!! She is going to looooove getting her tummy full!!!!!

And the funniest thing she has done this week is this past weekend, she found her voice!!!! Oh yes ma'am!!! She sits and yells, and talks and babbles all day long. It is so incredibly sweet!!! Last night we called grandma and put her on speaker so grandma could her and share in her sweet moments. She was so loud, we had to turn up the TV!!! Our girl fills our home with joy and laughter!!! We wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I took a close up of her socks , I think the pic turned out kind of cute actually!!! Hopefully you can read it.... It says "My first Valentine's Day" LOL

So from our home to your.... we hope you have a great week filled with lots of love and happiness!!!

We'll be back tomorrow, with a post on the actual Valentine's Day, but be blessed and hug those you love, you never know how long they will be with you!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fabulous Friday!!

Just some sweetness to leave with you on this Fab Friday of my

My precious girl has had a really wonderful week, we bought her a new exer saucer toy, because she is tired of sitting in her bouncy seat or her swing. So we will be taking many pictures of her in that this weekend and see how much fun she has in that.
But I am sure we will have plenty of smiles to share as always from our sweet angel.
Until then, we hope everyone of our friends who reads our blog has a safe and fun February weekend before Valentine's Day!!! Our baby girl sure has been sporting her beautiful V. Day outfits all week to get in the spirit- and we will share those pictures next week!!!

Love you all!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

16 weeks and some milestones!!!!

Life is flying by so fast, every time I turn around, it's time to put up another blog post and share that she is another week older. My baby turned 16 weeks on Sunday..... so I guess technically she is 4 months, but everybody wants me to go by the 16th of the month to say she is 4 months, so I'm just counting weeks, and I guess next week she will technically be 4 months???

Anyways, baby girl gets more cute by each passing week. I adore this picture below!!! It looks like she has huge feet to me in this picture, but I assure you, it was just the angle, because her feetsies are very small. lol

And because we are beginning to teeth, she is Ms. Slobberpoos, slobbering everywhere,,,, and that is what this little look was, but I think it is cute, and it is classic Chloe right now.
In the evenings, we have been doing tummy time as our sitter has told us to do. She does some during the day as well and we continue to practice at night. She has a very structured curriculum, Yes, even for babies!!! This is to help them meet their milestones, so they don't fall behind. Well, Sunday while Daddy was into the Super Bowl, Chloe and Mommy were playing on her mat on the floor and she was having so much fun batting at her toys which she can do very well now.
Then I turned her on her tummy, and she rolled over onto her back for the first time ever!!! Then she did it again!!! I was so glad that it happened with Mommy and not the sitter! I know I am going to miss some "firsts" but I am so happy that this first real milestone I got to be with my baby girl!!! So I guess we are right on track developmentally and that makes for one happy Momma, but sad that the newborn phase is behind us now.

And another very big milestone that has been achieved in the past week, much to the chagrin of Daddy, is Chloe has found her thumb and she knows how to use it now. No more half way stuff, or shoving the whole fist in the mouth, no that is all in the past. I caught her in her crib the other night she was laying on her boppy watching her mobile, which she loves to do all the time right now until she is mobile herself, and bless her heart, she had fallen asleep. But not without the aid of her thumb.....
So I snapped these two shots, to document the sweetness, and I really didn't care if I woke her up, I had to get these pictures!!!! The second picture's flash did scare her, but she fell back to sleep. I just love Love LOVE these pics of her sucking that tiny thumb. Hopefully, she will think she was cute one day as well when she looks back on this blog. LOL

Well that is all for this past week. We are making some fun changes to the nursery, When they are all done I will show you the before and after pictures. Other than that we are just living the good life with our beautiful baby girl!!!

When did your baby roll over and suck their thumb for the first time? I would like to know how Chloe is compared with your babies on the time frame.