Monday, August 9, 2010

More miracles....

Well I should know by now that my GOD is in the miracle working business right? But I continue to fret and worry, but I am getting better. I mean this IVF cycle has been so full of uncertainty and craziness, this was the 3rd time going to the clinic that I was sure they were cancelling my cycle.

I mean I have bled all weekend, how could they not, right?? But alas, we did not. So here is the down low. My lining has gone from 8mm to 7mm, which is not bad considering how much I have bled. I have LOTS of follies on each ovary that are about 13mm (they need to be 16-18mm to harvest), and my estrogen rose nicely to 954. So all of those things are exactly what they want to see!!!! So why the heck am I bleeding? Who knows, but for now, they are just hoping it will stop by tomorrow.

So we are to continue stimming, and see me back on Wednesday. On Wednesday hopefully they will set the date for egg retrieval on Friday (I hope).

One other nice thing is that IF my lining does not cooperate, we will still harvest the eggs and create the embryos, and then freeze them all until my lining is just right and so a FET. This is not ideal, and certainly not what I want but it is an option as to not loose all my eggies!!

OHHHHH, and another awesome piece of information!!! I just called the specialty pharmacy to refill my stimulation meds, because I am needing another couple days worth; and lo and behold, I HAVE RX COVERAGE FOR THIS LIQUID GOLD!!!!! Amazing! Simply Amazing!! So IF we have to repeat the stimulation, I have insurance coverage, so it will literally save like $2000!!! God is so good, even when we don't understand.

Lord, please help my unbelief, help my worry, and turn it all into a reason to praise you more!

Thank you for all the comments and sweet notes. They all mean so much to us and we conquer yet another hill!!!!