Tuesday, March 6, 2012

20 weeks old and Grandma's Birthday!!!!

My beautiful girl is 20 week sold and growing like a weed!!! But man I am loving this stage with her! She is so sweet, and so lovey. I mean I am IN LOVE with this kid, and it feels soooo good! I am going to start videoing her and all her cackling and yelling she does at night while talking to her toys and try to upload it- it is so cute! But what could be cuter than her in this dress- right?

Actually her birthmom L, sent this to her for a Christmas present and I have not put it on her yet, because she is such a diva, she has 2 closets full of clothes and I haven't had a chance as of yet. So Sunday was the day to get dressed up, and boy was she just a ham!
She is doing just great eating her cereal off a spoon for lunch and dinner, and she just loves her Mama, she even reached for me from my Mom the other night. I must admit it felt really good to have a baby want me for once!!!
Speaking of my Mom, this picture has got to be one of my all time favorites!!!! Friday night was Mom (and Grandma's) birthday. Sweetness and I took her out to dinner and I caught this shot, and I must say it is the first really good shot we have gotten of the two of them and man it makes my heart sing....... The two most important people in my life (and Sweetness of course) right there with all that happiness...... how could I not be filled with joy???

Well that's all for today, thanks again for all your prayers..... will update again soon!!!