Sunday, September 5, 2010

Opening Day of Footbal Season!!!

Hey guys!!! I have a fun post for you tonight, as opposed to all the sadness from our recent infertility treatments. So without further ado..... Meet our friend Maureen. Sweetness and I went over to her and her husband's amazing house on Saturday for the opening game of Clemson's football season. We watched it with the Clemson Alumni Association. It was so much fun!

Here are the men.... Web, Matthew, Sweetness and Scott (Maureen's Husband). Notice they are all sportin' the purple and orange!
Just another shot of the guys hanging out.

Oh hey Sweetness. I know you are so happy watching your tigers!!!

Maureen went all out, and was an amazing hostess. She made these divine cupcakes and even painted the Tiger Paw on them! Soooo yummy!

Maureen likes to collect (ALOT as you will see in a second). One of the things they collect is Clemson paraphernalia. Here is a fun helmet used for chips and dip etc.

Oh, and then I took some pictures of their DIVINE home! Here is picture of the outside. Not too shabby eh? (Notice the Clemson flag flying !)

They have 3 cats, and they are so beautiful. They look like this..... like little furballs.

Among some other things she collects are real Indian memorabilia. This is just one of the MANY beautiful arrangements of the Indian theme. This is a neat display, lit up and inset in the wall.

The whole house (all 4 floors) has beautiful real hard wood floors throughout. She said it is a bear to keep clean, but so gorgeous to look at. Here is a shot looking at the stairwell that goes on all four floors.

And lest I not do this house justice, they even have an ELEVATOR in the house! I was so floored! They must have thought I was an idiot, or never get out, but seriously how many people can say they have an elevator in their house? SO jealous!
This is a pic of just one of their 4 balconies- this one is right off the kitchen and has their grill and such on it!
And remember I told you she likes to collect things? Well you have never seen a collection until you see her Coca-Cola memorabilia collection. I mean Wowsers! The entire first floor is her Coke collection. If you blow these pictures up you can see just how many treasures she has, some are worth a mint!
And her mini Christmas tree. So cute- it even has metal bottle caps strung together as garland. Too cute!!
This is not even half of her collection. She has a bathroom and bedroom also here on the first floor all decked with Coke stuff. It really is quite neat to see someone enjoy collecting so much!
And then the last picture I took was of this very unique guest bathroom. The sink is made of a copper like material. As you can see the Indian theme runs throughout!
They did give us a tour of the bedrooms and such on the other floors, but I did not want to take pictures of their bathroom and look like a total gawker! But their master bathroom is to die for! Stone shower and tub with a flat screen TV to watch while being warmed by the double-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom. Just so neat to see how the other side lives :) He He
And then , a shot of Sweetness and I in our Clemson regalia!! (Notice her beautiful Indian painting behind us).
Thank you so much Maureen and Scott for allowing us to come into your beautiful home and share the love of football with great friends!
We have a had a very nice day today at church and then hanging with my parents. Now I must get our house ready, as we are hosting about 15 people from our life-group for a Labor Day cookout tomorrow!
You know I will take pictures and show you guys all our fun! Hope all of you are having a very relaxing and restful Labor Day weekend! Blessings!