Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our new camera!!!

Well, since the meeting of our little girl seems to be getting closer and closer, we were feeling very anxious about capturing these moments in a very nice fashion, after all her birth only happens ONCE right??

So we did a lot of research on DSLR cameras, the newest and greatest cameras. We basically discovered that Nikon and Canon are basically the same. They have all the same features and are very similar cost wise. We consulted the man who did our wedding pics and some other photog friends to ask their advice and/or opinion about which to choose. And we kept hearing Nikon, and then saying you really cant go wrong with a Canon either.

So we waited until there was a sale on one and we went for it. We just bought the Nikon D5100. We are so happy with it. We even bought the DSLR Book for Dummies also to help us figure out all these buttons and filters on this amazing camera.

A picture of it id below and it has a very nice LCD screen on the back with which you can view your pictures you have just taken. It also takes videos, takes Monochrome (B and W) pics, and has just about every bell and whistle on a camera it can have these days.

We bought it last week and took it with us last weekend to Maryland and Pennsylvania for my nephews wedding and I cant wait to do my first blog post using pictures from our new camera.

So now we are ready for Chloe's birth and her life and it will be documented VERY WELL!!!