Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting in the Spirit of Easter

Have I said how much I loooove having a girl to dress up????
She is positively THE most adorable child- I mean I know I'm partial but this child is so cute and so happy- she just makes me so happy!!!!
Yesterday morning I dressed up my sweetie in a beautiful smocked dress (which by the way you will see many more smocked outfits on her, as I have found an ahhh-mazing site to buy these adorable smocked dresses and bubbles for my cutie) because she had to go to the Children's hospital to have her blood taken for the genetic testing, and while we were there, I wanted to take Chloe by the Infertility center that I went to and show her to all the wonderful ladies there that tried to help us so much.

 So we took the pictures you see here of her all dressed up, she just looked soooo sweet and beautiful!!!
 And then right after the last picture was taken....... she puked 1/2 her bottle on this sweet dress!!!!  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!  But then she smiled and I looked at her and asked her why she did that????  But the dress washed up beautifully and it's ready to wear again for more than 10 minutes  :)
 So then I put her in the white dress below and we headed out the door. 
We did get her blood drawn yesterday at Children's Hospital and it was not nice at all to see that terrified look in her eyes while they stuck her TWICE!!!  But hopefully we will get the results of exactly what type of deletion and genetic mutation she MAY have--- I for one am praying for a miraculous report of no genetic mutation, unexplainable really:)
 On to other news this week, I found this beautiful little TuTu hot pink dress at Target a couple of months ago, and have been waiting to put her in it.  I love it!!!  And they had a yellow and turquoise one without any writing on it that I bought in bigger sizes for this summer - can't wait !!!

 Playing with her egg light spinner....

And this cute little bunny onesie matched the shorts we already had so well!!!  I love this picture how she has her hand on the couch and feet crossed.... precious!!!

 Sweetness and I are excited about getting to be the "Easter Bunny" for the first time this weekend.  Although she wont be getting any candy, her new monogrammed basket is already to go and some new cute toys will be stuffed in it for her!!!
Our prayer is that all my readers and friends have the MOST BLESSED Easter weekend and that you worship the Risen Lord!!!  This is the best news that allows us to have hope not in this life but in the life to come!!!

PS- As I have been typing this blog post- an FA-18 Hornet fighter Jet crashed a couple miles from here to an apartment complex- very close to my Mother's office.  She is fine- but a truly horrific scene.  Please offer a prayer for those hurt and possibly killed in this horrible accident while attending Easter services at church this weekend.

Our first tooth and Visiting Grandma!!

Happy Friday!!!  It's Good Friday and this is such an important day in the life of a christian.  I hope everyone out there takes a moment to stop and thank the LORD for what he did for us!!!  It's Friday but Sunday is coming!!!

I have gotten a little behind in my postings of our princess!!!!  After we got her Easter Pictures done, we went over to my parents'  house and ate dinner with the family.  Well Miss Priss was hungry as well, and since she has been eating solid food now, my Mom wanted to feed her some sweet potatoes!! 

 If you don't know this about me already, I like my baby to be kept clean, but I also realize that the tactile senses are very important to be explored for correct neural development.  So we stripped her down to her diaper and just let her go at it.  She had SOOOOO much fun as you can see from these pictures.  I took some video as well, she was just squealing with delight!!!
 Such a fun memory!!!
 Then the day before that she was dressed in one of my favorite outfits, I actually ordered this online before she was even born.  I just love pink and black together and thinks she looked adorable.

Baby girl also cut her first little toofie this week!!!It is her front bottom tooth, and its just poking through the skin!!!  My baby is hitting all theses milestones and that means she is progressing perfectly.  That is now so much more important to me know with the diagnosis of NF-1 in her.
Which brings me to the last thing of this post.  I wanted to thank all of you for your kindness and prayers for my girl.  We are doing amazing as a family and Chloe is healthy and happy!!!  We are so excited to be able to celebrate her first Easter on Sunday and praise the Lord for His mercy and His touch on my girl!!!

Much love to you all...... and Happy Easter!!!  He is Risen!!