Tuesday, May 17, 2011

moving along....

So I am teaching my class this morning and I let them out on a break, and I see I have a missed call from my clinic. Shoot! Of course I miss THAT call! Well after I listened to the message I was even more panicked. Dr. O left the message himself, and he asked me to call him back right away. Can't. Be. Good.

So I called him back right away, and to my great surprise, he did not have bad news!!!! Yeah for small miracles. He even said himself that he is happy to be calling me for once with good news..... that's when you know you have been doing infertility treatments too long..... lol

So anyway, he told me the surrogate's testing came back fine and we are ready to roll!!! So the coordinator will call me today and give me the calender for myself and my surrogate, and she will start the pills today. I have already been on them for a week.

I am very happy to say the least!! So we will be getting our meds filled and be on our way. By the way, they did find Lupron in the country for us to have to regulate our cycles. Awesome!!!

So that is our update- all systems go and I could not be more thrilled! Thank you Lord for lining all this up for us!

Until next time.....