Monday, July 26, 2010

A Dream

Not too much to update right now. I am finished with the BCPs finaly, but I am still on the devil known as Lu.pron. UGHHHHHH This stuff is so bad. I have severe hot-flashes, headaches and oh the mood swings!!! They are so bad. Just trying to kep the end result in mind!

But just wanted to share that my Mom called this morning to tell me she had a dream. And you guessed it! In the dream I was pregnant! It literally makes me tear up right now typing it, and thinking it!!! I want so badly to let myself go there, but sometimes it is hard because the BFNs are so hard to take.

But maybe this was a little glimpse from the Lord of what is to come! I feel so greatful for a mom who loves me like she does, who aches with my heart, and rejoices over each step in this arduous process to bring us closer to our babes!

Have a great week everyone! Will update more after our Baseline Day on Thursday!