Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

I can not tell you how happy I am to see this friday of this very long week!! I hope you all enjoy it and have a really wonderful Memorial Day holiday this weekend.

So why was this week so hard, it wasn't really hard per say but I did experience some weird emotions.

Last Friday evening at 530pm my grandfather from my father's side passed away kind of unexpectedly. My parents divorced when I was like 5 but my father left when I was a mere 9 months old. So to say this side of my family and I were close that's not really true, however I have made many efforts in my life to do what these adults should have done all along. But to no avail, it was always strained and very controlling side of the family.

So when I got the word from my father (of which I also am not extremely close) it brought an onslaught of unexpected emotions. Mainly I think because of all the could-have-beens and wishes from a child's view that maybe have never really fully been healed.

Today is the burial in Quantico, VA and I will not be attending that part, but I do hope there is peace in the family after his death and that my grandmother lives many more years of happiness..... One day I also hope the little girl in me longing to be accepted by my dad's family
will be completely healed.....

Rest in peace Grandad.....
and Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!!