Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well we got the best Christmas present ever yesterday!!!! My attorney called with the news, that they received the final paperwork into their office yesterday that the judge had signed the final adoption petition and Chloe Faith was finally ours FOREVER!!! The adoption was finalized on Dec. 7, 2011. So every year on Dec. 7th, this will be known as her "gotcha day!" Many of my friends that have adopted do this special celebration on the day that the child officially and legally became a part of their family and its called "Gotcha day" and it is celebrated much like their birthday every year, to let the child know how special they are to the family and how much this day really means to Mommy and Daddy.

This whole journey has truly been the biggest miracle displayed by the Lord in my Life that I have ever witnessed!!!! And Chloe thinks so too!!!!......

And here she is, showing off ..... that she is indeed the PROOF, that miracles do happen for those who believe!
My beautiful pumpkin..... Now officially all ours forever......

Grandma came over to take some pictures and celebrated with us while Daddy had to work late, and she insisted that a picture of Chloe and Mommy be included, so here it is...... me and my cupcake!!! I am in awe Lord of what you have done in my life!!!!

My precious Chloe, Daddy and Mommy love you soooooooo much, and we wanted you more than anything you could ever imagine!! We are so thrilled you are our little pumpkin and will be in our lives forever now. We feel totally complete, like a real family!!!! All because of you!!

And yesterday when I called birth mom L to tell her the great news, she started crying and said she was so happy and that this was the 'best decision she ever made' seeing how we love her and how happy she is. We are giving her the life she never could and she knows she made the right decision. It just makes me so happy that every body is so happy in the whole situation and the Lord had a grand plan for us all even when we couldnt see His hand working!!

Thank you again to you all of you who have ever prayed just one prayer on our behalf to get us to this point, we are forever grateful and Chloe is too. She is finally HOME. :)