Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hey girls!!! Well I got the official word today that we will most likely trigger tomorrow evening and harvest the eggs on Saturday morning!!! That mean by Tuesday morning I will be PUPO!! (pregnant until proven otherwise!) I am so ecstatic that we have even made it this far in this IVF cycle. It has been harrowing to say the least! But we are almost there! I have what look like 7 really nice eggs on each ovary!!! My lining is still 7mm, even after all this bleeding. But as of this morning, it has finally stopped. Just a slight brown tinge on the TP. Thank you Jesus!

I will update more later! But just wanted to let you know where we are. My estrogen is through the roof in the 2000 range, and believe me I can feel it. My boobies are so sore, I literally can not take my bra off it is soooo painful!

Thanks again for the prayers, and I will let you know how we progress!!