Saturday, July 10, 2010

And we are on our way....

Finally, in true Heather fashion, AF showed yesterday a full 14 days late!!! UGHHHH

So I called the clinic and reported cycle day 1 and then they called back and gave me my tentative dates!!!! So here it goes:
7/9/10- begin BCPs
7/23/10- begin daily Lupron injections
7/26/10- stop BCPs
7/29/10- baseline visit, pay all the $$$, baseline scans, begin stimming meds
8/9 or 8/10/10- egg retrieval
8/13/10- egg transfer (hopefully)

Now all these dates are estimates and may change a few here or there, but this is what we are looking at! I am so excited to get started!!! Even if it is taking a birth control pill every day for right now, we are moving forward!!! Thank you for the prayers and I will certainly keep you updated!!!