Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The worst possible news....

Well as the title of thispost you can tell today was not what I had planned. The Kell tests came back, and the biological mother of the embryos is Kell + and the father is Kell negative. So all that means is that we can NOT put our 4 donated embryos into our surrogate. UGH UGH UGH UGH. Remember she makes antibodies aganist the Kell protein, so she would unknowingly attack the embryos.

So now what?????? I have no idea! I am so upset, deflated and miserable right now. Why is God allowing us to suffer so much? Some people get pregnant after 1 or 2 rounds of IVF- and we are willing to go through all of this- and to still have it stripped away WHY????

I feel like a kid in line watching everyone else get their candy or their perfect Christmas gift, and there I am when they say "I'm sorry I didnt bring enough, we are one short" and there I am with empty aching arms. Where's mine????

I don't really have any thing more to say, I am still in shock really.

Please pray for me. I really need it today.