Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things are moving right along!

Hey ladies!! Well I just wanted to stop in and give a quick update. I have been so unbelievably busy, work is killing me, and I am just exhausted. I have lots of pictures to upload, and have no time...... UGH

Well I am still trying to keep dieting, although I have not lost more than my original 6 lbs. Getting to the gym regularly is another story.

The colonoscopy we need to have done has now been scheduled for Monday, May 24th. I still need to find someone to fill in for my class, but I am sure I can do that.

And I have not yet gotten my follow up blood work done yet to see if my thyroid levels are now where they need to be, since being put on Synthroid 4 weeks ago.

And we also received a huge blessing!!!! One of Sweetness' very best friends from college called us yesterday and her sister-in-law had purchased all her injectible meds to do IVF. Well she actually got pregnant the month before they were to start IVF and now she has all these expensive meds that she is getting rid of. They don't expire until 9/2010 so they would be perfect for us if my doctor will let us use these particular meds. So I called my nurse today and asked her if my doctor uses these 2 particular meds, and she is going to call me back tomorrow to let me know what he says. This could literally save us between $3000-$5000!!!! God has really been with us on this journey, and I really feel that this is more conformation that this IS the right timing.

Well I have more to update, but I have to teach tomorrow from 8am-1:30pm and then 5-10:30 pm!!!! I am going to be dead by tomorrow night- but at least I have a job!!!

Thank you again for all the comments, emails and texts. We appreciate all you guys do to make us feel loved and not alone! Will update again this weekend with pictures from this past weekend.