Friday, April 17, 2015

18 weeks!!!!

My goodness it has been one crazy week!!!  I started my new job last Monday, and then Sunday I left at the crack of dawn to fly to the home office for 4 days of training. Last night there were serious thunderstorms and my flights were all delayed as I tried to get home!!!!  

I was scheduled to arrive home so late I had made arrangements for Mom to pick me up at the airport so Sweetness could get Chloe to bed etc. well while I was sitting at the airport waiting to board my first flight I was chatting with my mom on the phone when someone rear ends her at a high rate of speed while she is sitting at a stop light.  I was helpless and could
not get to her!!  The rescue came and took her to the ER because her head and neck were really hurting.  Thankfully all checked out fine and she is just sore by it was pure torture to have to turn off my phone and could get no updates while
flying. Just felt helpless!!!

And everything was running so late I almost missed my connecting flight at the Charlotte airport. I was cramping bad in my lower pelvis and wasn't about to try to run, so I actually spoke up and they put me on one of those carts and I mean that lady was flying through there trying to get me to my gate. I don't think my gates could have been any further apart in that airport!!  It was over a mile walk for sure. I am so thankful for her and her understanding of my predicament and helped me make that flight!!!!!

So anyways, I was so happy to see my two luvs when I got home...... Chloe said she missed me and wanted me to come home with her!!  I told her I would be happy to!!!!

But as far as baby Jacob goes, I think he is doing pretty good in there. I am finally starting to show a baby bump and feel pregnant. I listened to his heartbeat today with my Doppler because I hadn't done so in about a week and it was a good 135+. Next Wednesday is our big detailed anatomy scan!!!!  I can hardly wait to see him for such a long sonogram.  My Mom, aunt, Chloe and of course Sweetness will all be there to see our sweet little man!!!

So finally here are some belly progression pics. I have been so hesitant to post them but I will do it here for documentation sake. I have decided to try to wear the same shirt each week so the progression is easier to see.  So without further ado......

So there you have them.  I don't see much difference from week to week but I am definitely feeling a ton of cramping and pulling and lots of pressure!!! 

I had the PICC line out and have been off the IV Zofran for about a week now and I think I really still need it but I am trying hard to soldier through and hoping all this horrible nausea ends very soon.  I was so sick while away for work, it was so embarrassing having to puke while with new Coworkers. But it is definitely better--no where near as much actual vomiting  but the nausea just won't let up so I have to eat constantly!! And I don't want to do that!!!  I'm not trying to blow up big as a house with this pregnancy.  

But that's about all for now. I will post again after our big anatomy scan next week!!!  We should have some awesome new pictures of our angel to show!!!  

Have a great week everyone!!!