Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cycle Day 48!!!!

To say I am frustrated beyond belief would be a HUGE understatement. I STILL have not started, and I am on day 8 of Prov.era. They said it is normal to not start bleeding until after you finish the full 10 pill course, but man I am frustrated. So I have been staying really busy since so as to not concentrate too much on this cycle that can never seem to get started.

I will let you know for sure when we start doing something!!!

In other news, Sweetness and I are doing really well. We are both working hard and then we have started walking in the evening trying to get in better shape for when we get our baby!

Something new we have started doing.....we put some old electronics on Craig.slist and have made a ton of money! It has been such a nice surprise. It really is a cool deal, you have old stuff you are no longer using, and the other person gets something they want at a really good price!
We have made so much money that we actually broke down and bought ourselves an iPad that we have been wanting!

Sweetness and I are being good little children and sharing only one iPad between the two of us. It does do some really cool stuff, and the size is perfect, but I have to say I thought it was going to DO something supercool that other mac gadgets dont do. It really does not do anything more than my iPhone 4 does, and it even does not have a camera. But Sweetness loves it, and anything that makes him happy ,makes me happy!

Tomorrow I will do a cool post with TONS of pictures of a very neat fund raiser for Breast that has been touring in our area called the Bra-ha-ha. People have taken bras and decorated them with themes....and boy are they CUTE!! So stay tuned, and I will get it completed by tomorrow, as blogger is not allowing uploading of pics for the next couple of hours to due site maintenance.

Just wanted to let you all know we are still here, just kind of in an intermission stage at the present, must amazingly we are at PEACE!!! Love you guys! :)