Monday, February 27, 2012

19 weeks old and 4 month well baby visit!!!

Well Mommy made a big "goof" on the dry erase board that says how many weeks she is. I guess I tried to age my baby girl a week prematurely??!! She is not 20 weeks old this week, in fact she is only 19 weeks old. I'm so sorry sweetie, you will be 20 weeks next Sunday!

But it does not take away from her beauty in her weekly pictures/ She is still our gorgeous , precious little girl that is growing up before our very eyes and we are amazed at her intelligence and curiosity!!
Last Friday, 2.24.12, she went to her regular 4 month well baby check up at the pediatrician. She now weighs 13 lbs and 2.0 ozs, she was 65.4 cm (25.75") long and her head was 42.5 cm (16.73") in circumference. She is doing great in all the categories and she has really taken off now in the height category because she was quite short at her 2 month visit. So now she has caught up with her baby counterparts per se. LOL.
Just a happy happy girl!!!

That was until they gave her two shots in her little legs and one orally. She was inconsolable for almost 2 hours. Even the doctors tried to help calm her and it was not happening. My heart was aching for my girl. She would not even take a bottle. Does anyone else's children go ballistic after shots like that?

Baby girl was sporting her new jeans earlier in the weekend as well.

She was still wearing her Newborn sized jeans if you can believe that one!!!

We tried to get a few pictures, but I think she was tired and was not feeling like smiling so much then, so we just decided to give her a bath and lay her down to bed for the night.

She has really started to LOVE the bath. She is so cute splashing and cooing!!!

I'm sure it looks strange to have her bathtub in her nursery floor?? The reason we moved it in there in stead of in the bath tub as usual is our heat pump (central heat) decided to die on Friday. So it was so cold in our house, much too cold to bath our girl.

But we do have a new space heater that we used to heat up her bedroom so she stayed nice and toasty overnight and we slept under the electric blanket and and we were all okay.

Luckily, I pay for a home warranty premium insurance every month in case something like this happens. So we called them yesterday and a service call was made and they came out and told us that our problem is that the compressor is dead!!! Yippee....NOT!!

So the part has to be ordered - it will take about 2 days to come in and we don't even know if it's going to be covered under the warranty- we should find out today hen the repair man calls the warranty company to tell them his diagnosis.

He also replaced two burnt out spark plugs thingys so we at least had "Emerency Heat".
This man was a life- saver!!! I will post next about our new 55" TV and entertainment center as well as Sweetness' Val Day gift I made from as promised.