Monday, October 15, 2012


Well we finally arrived at this most exciting week!!!  The week that my miracle baby will turn 1 year old!!!  I think in my counting of weeks this would be week number 53, but I may have miscounted? But anyway, we have arrived finally, ready to celerbate the sweet little girl Chloe Faith!!!
 This past Saturday, day before last, we celebrated Chloe's 1st birthday with a beautiful party in the park called the Fun Forest!!   I will load all those amazing pictures into a post later this week.  However this post will be our last "weekly" post documenting her age week by week.  I will probably move to documenting age in pictures to monthly at this point.
 My goal was to document her life week by week the first year and I have done just that- and I have absolutely loved doing it!!!  She has changed so much, from a tiny little 6 lb. babe placed in my arms 1 year ago tomorrow to the 21 lb. spunky little girl asleep in the next room.
 She is the missing piece in my heart that is now so full- I am complete.  I have the most amazing husband and daughter, how could I ask for anything more?

 Chloe, I hope one day when you go back and read through all these posts I have lovingly documented about you amazing first year, I hope you can sense what an angel baby you are, and how very much we wanted you and love you.  You are truly the sweetest little girl and you love everyone around you!

Her new thing is to wave to everyone she sees, and let me tell you this draws people to her like a magnet!!   She just flips her hand at her wrist, not a whole arm wave, but it sure is cute......we couldn't even get through Target yesterday for her waving at everyone, and of course everyone responds to a little baby waving at you!!!  The Lord has just blessed her with such a sweet little spirit!!!  I pray she keeps it her whole life through.
 When she awakens in the morning, it will be a full day of celebration.  A day to rejoice in the day her life began, the day our new lives as parents began, the day our prayers were answered.......
Her Grandma and I are going to her nursery school at 1:30pm tomorrow (her actual birthday) to have cupcakes and sing with all her sweet little friends (imagine a gaggle of about 9--almost 1yr olds).  I think it is going to be so so cute!!  And you know of  course I will have pictures to share!!

What a year it has been, and what a year we have coming up!!  Stay tuned for pictures of all her birthday celebrations!!!  Until tomorrow-----sleep well my angel.