Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I usually do a run down of the past year and highlight all that has happened in the previous year, but this time there seems to be no need. 2011 was good to us.....There was only one event that meant anything really..... 2011 was finally our year!!! 2011 brought me my daughter. Finally.

As I look into this most precious angelic face in her night gown above, getting ready for bed on New years Eve, none the wiser as to another "year" having passed, I just stopped and thanked the Lord for all that HE had done to bring this angel into our life.
Here she is in her boppy where she loves to kick those feet, and talk to us everyday!!! She is so happy and frankly we are too. What's not to be happy about??? We finally got our dream come true!!! And as I packed up her size newborn clothes over the holiday weekend and switched out her active clothes to 3 months and tucked away the sweet tiny ones that touched her newest baby skin, I thought how fast it's going. She turned 11 weeks yesterday. Its just hard to keep up with the posts on here, I took the pictures, and I have to get the post up next after this one, but my sweet, tiny baby is growing up in her own right. This week she slept through the night, she reached for a rattle and she touched my face. All small things, but yet all to be celebrated.

Then we had our most special friends PJ and Tara come over on New Year's Eve night to visit. Tara came to the hospital to see her only hours after she was born. They were so sweet to let us stay with them while we were there for the birth in PA, they are the most kind and loving people ever. Kindred spirits almost. And she sure loves my baby girl.....

And her hubby PJ spent almost the whole week in a tree stand trying to catch his first deer but to no avail. I am no fan of hunting, I feel so sorry for the deer..... I am such an animal lover.... But these are the sweetest 2 people you could ever meet and I am so happy they dropped by to visit my baby girl and us before they headed back to PA. Love you guys :)

So I guess that was my little recap of 2011. To put it bluntly....... it was OUR YEAR!!!!