Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wonderful News!!

Just a quick update! The doctor called this morning and told us that all 3 of our precious embryos thawed out perfectly and all survived the thaw!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer and we have been asking God for specifically this very thing- that none would perish in the thawing procedure. Thank you Jesus!

So all hormones look great from yesterday's blood work- we are truly ALL SYSTEMS GO!!!! for transfer on Monday morning!!! We cant believe it is finally here!!! Tomorrow by this time I will be Pregnant until proven otherwise!! YEAHHHHHH!!!

So at this point there is nothing barring us from having this transfer tomorrow morning as expected. This is a true miracle if you knew all the hurdles that we have had to over come!! I feel really bad right now-just overall blah!!! I guess that is to be expected given how many medication I am on.... here is a list:

Love.nox, Prome.trium, proges.terone in oil injections, Viv.elle patches (estrogen), estradiol, Cipro, Serzone, Baby Aspirin, and Synthroid. Wooh- that is alot of junk making me feel so ugh....

But it will all be worth it to have our precious babies.

I will update tomorrow evening and let you know how everything goes, and then we enter the dreaded 2ww......

Thanks again for all the friendships, love and prayers. They sustain us during this difficult journey.