Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New plan!

Well guys this has been a crazy day from start to finish. So I have a few things to tell you.

I posted last time that I am soooo late- so yesterday I said I was going to call the nurse. So I did and she said my Dr wanted me to come in and have an US and blood work to see what my body is doing. They then informed me that it would not be covered under my "shared risk" program. So it would be $220 for an US, and $150 for blood work. I told them I could not afford that right now, so I would just continue to wait, hopefully AF would show eventually.

But the more I thought about it, I got mad. I called back and told my RE's nurse that I just paid you guys $29,000 and you cant give me an extra US to figure out where we are going from here. REALLY????!!! She then talked to the RE and he said he absolutely would help me and do it for free. THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!

I went directly to the clinic and the US showed a very thick lining, and 3 follicles which are preventing me from bleeding. Soooooo, my RE gave me a Rx for Prove.ra to make me bleed. Then we decided since my body typically has the very long cycles, and we don't want to have a cycle in the middle of the this cryo cycle- we are going to start the Vive.lle patches the day I start bleeding with the Po.vera. So all of that to say..... our transfer of our 3 frozen embies will be in about approximately 3 weeks!

I am excited, but not overly so. I guess I am just trying to protect myself here. I don't know how much more heartbreak my little fragile heart can take.

And BTW- yet another pregnancy announcement this week. My 20-something cousin is now preggers with her 3rd baby. I talked to her and and asked her if this was an "oops"- because she previously said she was done. And she tells me "Oh yes, total mistake! Birth control doesn't work for me (she got pregnant with baby #2 on BCP) and so we were using other methods, and we think the condom broke." Really???? I just cant believe people can be this fertile! It is so foreign to me that people can get pregnant so easily. She then stated she was not really that excited...... are you kidding me? I would DIE for that feeling- literally DIE for the feeling of knowing I was pregnant just once!!! I will NEVER ever take even one moment being pregnant for granted. **Sigh**

So we are moving forward and feeling good- tempered hope and lots of joy!

In other news, I went to my pain doctor again today, and he changed my medication again still trying to find the right one with no little side-effects, that's safe during pregnancy and that cuts this horrific nerve pain. So he gave me a Rx for a long-acting pain medication. I went to Walgr.een's to get it filled and it was $1298.00!!!! Seriously! I was floored, and even with my insurance my copay was $200! I can not even begin to guess how much money I have spent on doctors visits, procedures, physical therapy, and medication etc. on this neck injury the past 4 years.

I am definitely crying out to God for total healing. I would appreciate any prayers you may offer up on my behalf asking the Lord to heal my neck. This pain has been so severe this past 3 weeks, I go to work and come straight home and lay on my back on a heating pad on my neck all night. I want to do all this stuff with my amazing husband and go for evening walks now that it is cooler etc. and I just cant. Hopefully this new medicine will help. I will let you know~ Thanks ahead of time for all your prayers!

I hope all you guys are well, I am still following your blogs and praying for you too as we all dream of the day we get our BFP!!! Thanks again for all your support, I don't know what I would do without you all to vent to! It great to know there are women out there that truly understand all these crazy emotions that go along with this rollercoaster we are on. Ya'll have a fabulous and fantastic Friday tomorrow :)