Monday, October 8, 2012

52 weeks!!!! Yipee!!!

Well we finally arrived at 52 weeks old!!!  I know there are 52 weeks in a year, and her birthday is not until next Tuesday, so I don't know why this is the 52nd week??  My mom says I miscounted but I will have to go back and check and count the weeks I guess......  but we have been counting these weeks for as long as i can remember!!!

But anyway, she is more precious each and every day!!!  We got her 1year pictures taken Saturday and she did so wonderful!!!  She smiled and clapped and was just a baby doll!!!
We also had our first professional family portraits done while we were at it!!!  We all wore black tops and dark jeans and I received 4 previews last night and I must say there is not one picture in the bunch that I don't like!!!  As soon as I get the finished CD of them, I will be sure to show you!!!
So this will be such a busy busy week ahead!!!  I have so much last minute things to do for her party this weekend!!!    My mom is helping me so much and I would be lost without her!!!  She said last night that we were going to love the present she got for Chloe, so I cant wait to see what she got for her birthday!!!
Mommy and Daddy bought her a leap frog table that has all sorts of light up and singing things on the top of the table.  I like it because she has to stand up to play with it- and I hope that keeps her standing longer to build those leg muscles so she will walk sometime before Christmas!!!  LOL

I just can not believe how big my little angel has gotten in just one year!!!  She is soooo full of personality and just loves life!!!  She plays so hard all day- she never wants to stop and take a nap, she loves her Daddy more than anything and gives the sweetest kisses to her Momma!!!  How could I ask for more??

She is always just a clapping.....  and being such a happy girl!!
This picture cracks me up!!  She looks as as if she is saying "Ta Da!"

And this is her Ms. America wave--- Daddy says we are starting her early- and I say absolutely no to the pageant arena!! I know Chloe would win them all she is so beautiful, but I do not want her to base her self worth on whether she wins this competition or that one.  She is of worth because she is a child of the King!

Also this past weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with some of our friends and took tons of pictures.  I will blog about that next.  But all in all this week is going to be so fun and so busy.  We have lots of people coming to her party- more than I even thought- but that's great!!  the more the merrier!!  And you know I will have TONS of pictures of that great milestone event!!

Until tomorrow or Wednesday- I will be working on the Pumpkin patch post!!
Have a blessed week!