Thursday, April 9, 2015

17 weeks!!!!!

Wow!!!  I can not believe we are already 17 weeks along!!! It really is flying by!!  

Today was a big day for me!!  I went to the hospital and had my PICC line removed!!!  I am so thrilled to be free from that thing, and more importantly be feeling well enough that I could be without it. So I am off all IV fluids, and I am off Zofran all together. I could still take it by mouth if needed and I am leaving that option open if I should need it but I feel like I am handling the nausea okay for now. Don't get me wrong I am definitely still VERY nauseated, but if I continuously try to keep something in my stomach it really helps take that feeling away.  And no vomiting in over 2 weeks!!! That my friends is heaven!!!  

So now I am turning the corner finally, starting to feel like a human being again and ready to really enjoy being pregnant and really starting to look like I have a bump now as well!!!!  

Also, on Monday of this week I started my new job. I am still doing pharmaceutical sales just with a much smaller Company than I was previously with. I was devastated to be laid off from my job last fall, but the Lord knew what He was doing, because had I been employed during this first trimester, there is NO way I would  have been able to work as sick as I was. Truly I would never have been able to. And then right when I started to feel better this opportunity came along, and I am thrilled to be with a small company that is very family-oriented and to be able to help financially provide for our growing family!!!!  

Sunday I fly out early in the morning to North Carolina to spend the week there at the home office with several other new reps doing more intensive training.  Then when I return, I get to get out there and make it happen!!!

I have not told them I am pregnant yet, but I plan to do that while face to face next week. I pray they receive it well, and I feel that they will bring as family minded as the upper management is and have expressed many times how much they want their employees to have a true work-life balance.  So please pray about that for me!!!

And Miss Chloe has had a great week. She is asking more and more about Jacob daily. How big is he?  Is he coming out your belly button? And other cute little innocent questions.  She even wanted to kiss my belly out of the blue one day while I was laying on the couch. It was so sweet and then she was off playing again!!!

Here is a little snap I took of her yesterday and she just looks so grown up to me!!! When I see pictures of her on my TimeHop app from just a year ago, I can hardly believe the transformation!!!  

Here she is a year ago this week.....

Her hair has grown so much and her face is loosing that baby look as she matures into a beautiful young lady.  

And look at this picture from 2 years ago this week.....!!!!!!!

Wanting to be so independent at 18 months old carrying her lunch box from school!!  I just loved this age!!!  

And then 3 years ago this week......

Amazing to see how she has grown, and become more and more beautiful when I didn't even think it could be possible!!!  I love this angel more than life itself and I have loved being her Mommy these last 3 1/2 years!!!! She has changed so much 
but she is still our sweet little miracle from the Lord that we prayed endlessly for and we will NEVER forget what a miracle she truly is!!!

Well that is all the update for today...... Next post I will show some weekly belly pics in progression.  I don't see much of a difference week to week but I will post them here just for documentation sake of how our sweet little boy is growing!!!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us !!!!