Monday, February 13, 2012

17 weeks!!

Baby girl has been obliging her momma and played dress up last week and today as we celebrate one of our favorite holidays in our house--Valentine's Day!!

A time to remind each other how much we love those special people in our life and I have had so much fun dressing up my doll baby in her Valentine's Day attire!!Here she is this morning, posing for her 17 week pictures!!! I just can not believe ANOTHER week has gone by so quickly!! But she is growing and changing so fast.

She truly is the BEST baby- we are SOOOOO totally blessed. She has slept through the night now for the past 6 days straight- so Sweetness and I are thinking she is making this a habit and we are done with middle of the night feedings!!!! YEAH CHLOE BUG!!!! We are so proud of you!!! You go to bed at 8pm and sleep until 6am now!!!
We have finally gotten the horrible reflux under control that we battled with so long. She is on liquid Zantac, 1ml twice a day and now 6ml bottles with cereal in them, helps soooo much!!! And on Thursday when she officially turns 4 months (on the 16th) we will begin feeding her cereal with a spoon!!!! She is going to looooove getting her tummy full!!!!!

And the funniest thing she has done this week is this past weekend, she found her voice!!!! Oh yes ma'am!!! She sits and yells, and talks and babbles all day long. It is so incredibly sweet!!! Last night we called grandma and put her on speaker so grandma could her and share in her sweet moments. She was so loud, we had to turn up the TV!!! Our girl fills our home with joy and laughter!!! We wouldn't have it any other way!!!

I took a close up of her socks , I think the pic turned out kind of cute actually!!! Hopefully you can read it.... It says "My first Valentine's Day" LOL

So from our home to your.... we hope you have a great week filled with lots of love and happiness!!!

We'll be back tomorrow, with a post on the actual Valentine's Day, but be blessed and hug those you love, you never know how long they will be with you!!!