Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some really great news!!!

As I blogged yesterday afternoon, I finally "started"!!! I have never gone 60+ days in my life! I have no idea why this happened like this, other than God's timing is perfect- and maybe , just maybe, it was to bring us to this special moment in time that will turn into our "time."
So I called the clinic to report Day 1- and poof!! Just like that I am on all these meds preparing my body to receive my precious babies. OK here it is: last night I started Love.nox 40mg each night, applied 2 Viv.elle patches, started baby aspirin a day, and prometr.ium progesterone. I could not believe how quick we are back in the IVF saddle again!
So I have a specific protocol to follow for the next 15 days, and then our transfer will be Friday, November 19th!! I am so excited again!!
Talking to my Sweetness last night, we both are happy to be back actually doing something to make our baby a reality. The waiting is agony, really it is!
One more thing that I would like to mention, is Sweetness just found out he tested positive fro an antibody marker for The doc said it was a very low titer- but he has never tested positive for it before. So because he has such a bad family history of genetic immunological issues (his mom died of rheumatoid arthritis in the lungs, and one brother has rheu.matoid arthritis pretty bad), they are sending him to a Rheumat.ologist to have it checked out. Of course he is nervous, but I am asking my prayer warriors to please offer up a prayer on behalf of my precious husband, that this would not be anything serious.
Thank you again for all the encouraging words- maybe just maybe this is it! Love all you girls and I promise to do those blog posts I keep promising and then never get them done! Life is too busy! :) Have a remarkable, fantastic, and super duper day!!!