Sunday, October 9, 2011

Im just so over the drama of it all

Well just when you think it is all going to happen and everything is all fine, something happens and it all comes crashing down.

Well my nephew and birth mom, had an altercation and something happened that I will not put in print here, but it was substantial enough that now they have cut off all communication and she will not allow him at the birth or to see the baby etc. So I had mailed L a copy of the adoption forms she has to sign for us to take the baby from the hospital so she could see what she was signing. Well they were address to HER. Her father confiscated them, she said and took them from her and would not even let her open them. Apparently her took them to a lawyer to have them reviewed which was fine except that it is a federal crime to open someone else's mail, he even had to go to the post office and sign for it- so not sure how that happened.

Anyway, she finally saw them, she even has mailed me an openess document of what she wants as far as how often she wishes to see Chloe, which is not often at all, and pictures report cards etc.

So now, that my nephew has done this thing, his father is kicking him out of his house, remember he only let him live there for me to be near L for the birth, and now I need him to sign the papers which now L's father has confiscated for a second time.

So I am overnighting a second copy of the papers to my nephews father who he is staying with, so he can sign his part, and then "supposedly", L is coming over on Thursday to sign her part. But here is the question, can the papers be signed before Chloe is even born??????? Please someone take me away from all this.....

If you can even keep up with all this petty drama you are lucky, but further more, L is all worried about how am I going to see her at the hospital. What??? Like knock on the door?? She is so petrified of her parents, I am just flabbergasted. Who treats their children this way? And besides she is 18, she can do what she wants. I just can not believe she is THIS afraid of her parents.

I am so stressed right now I cant stand it. I am trying to keep repeating to myself, let go and let God. Just let Him work it out. But my heart so desperately wants to love her, we are soooo close and now all this petty drama.

Her father wants her to place her for adoption, so why play these petty games?

I told Sweetness a bit ago I am this close from walking away from all of this. I cant take it anymore, I'm going to end up back in the hospital again, and of course look like a fool to everyone who I have told it looks like we are getting the baby....

Nothing is easy with this,, nothing ever is. My heart aches for Chloe, so who gets to love that poor child I don't know........

So I guess I may know something tomorrow when she has that gall-bladder test she is supposed to have in the morning, ill let y'all know...... and so the drama continues