Monday, April 23, 2012

6 month doctor's visit!!!

Baby girl had her 6 month doctor's visit on Friday April 20th.  She was so happy and smiley in the waiting room.  But I had no idea that she was about to get 3 shots and an oral vaccine that day!!!  Ugh  I absolutely hate holding her down while they jab these long needles in her legs!!!  She literally looses her breath ..... and it breaks mommy's heart!!!

But the nurse was so nice, she was in this beautiful white smocked dress and the nurse was trying not to get the blood from the shots on her dress.  I have never seen a baby's leg bleed so much from a shot, she must have hit a vessel with the needle because it was a lot.
So her stats at the doctor were that she weighs 15 lbs  3 oz at the 6 month mark which puts her below average for weight, but the doctor said she looks great and as long as she is eating good and not vomiting she is fine.
She is 27 inches long and that puts her above average in length, so my girl is long and skinny!!!  I think she is going to be a bit on the tall side, however she has small feet, and your feet grow in proportion to your height, so I guess we will have to wait and see!!
Another little milestone Ms. Priss has learned, is how to hold her bottle.  As documented in the photos below, this was the first time I have actually seen her do it, and be able to tip it back so the milk could come out!!!  Yeah Chloe!!!

And last but not least, this week I stopped by Chloe's sitter to take some pictures of the group of kids that have been her first friends.  As I have said before, her sitter has decided to close her in home daycare and go back to school, much to our sadness and I wanted to document these littles for Chloe when she is older.  These guys were so cute, they all wanted to hold "Baby Cwooooweee" for the picture.....  Man I'm gonna miss these cuties!!!  From left to right are TJ (23 months), Naioko (4 yrs old), and Matthew (2 years old).  Of course Miss Chloe is all smiles and slouching down in the front.  We only have this week left at Ms. Sam's house before we move on to a new adventure with Ms. Bonnie watching her, but it's so sad to leave Ms. Sam, she has watched my angel since she was 6 weeks old!!! 
What a sweet memory!!