Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 weeks old.......

My sweet Chloe girl, it's hard to believe you are already 12 weeks old!!! Time is flying so fast and you are really growing up into such a little girl before our very eyes, with your own unique personality and cute little mannerisms.

You weigh about 11.8 lbs right now and boy can we tell it as we pick up that car seat everyday in and out of the car, you are getting more heavy with each passing day. Mommy is going to get some much needed arm muscle toning before you are walking!!!

Posing you for your weekly pictures is not as easy as it was before. You are very squirmy as Daddy says and you are babbling up a storm to us the whole time we are trying to get you to smile :)
We have been struggling with your reflux very bad lately. Mommy gets so worried at night, I can hear you chocking on it backing up in your throat. You have been on a prescription medicine called liquid Zantac for over 6 weeks now and it seemed to be getting worse so Mommy called called the doctor back and they suggested adding rice cereal to your formula!
Mommy had no idea you could do that before 4 months old when we start trying food with you! And let me ell you, you LOVE THAT CEREAL!!!! You gulp down the entire 4 oz. bottle in 10 mins. And it has significantly helped with the reflux thankfully!!

The doctor also prescribed a medicine that dissolves in your mouth called Prevacid, but it is on a manufacturer's back order, so Mommy is so thankful this has worked for now. I hate to see you hurt so bad with the reflux.
We still cant believe how the Lord has blessed us. We adore you more than you can imagine.

My sweet little baby girl.......... I love you.