Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cuttin' through all the red TAPE!!!!

I feel like superwoman on the phone all day- arranging this, organizing that, filling out this form and faxing it here, and getting this contract signed and this test done!!! I mean I am so glad I am OCD organized or I would be in big trouble trying to get all this done!! I am cuttin' through all this red TAPE!!

So here is what got accomplished today: The bio parents both had their blood drawn at their clinic in SC to get the blood tests done, to be sure the embryos will not be attacked by our surrogate's blood supply. This is a huge hurdle that has taken a LONG time to get arranged! So this makes me so happy that it actually got done!

Also, there is a special company called Xytex that we are using to transfer and ship the embryos from SC to my clinic in VA. I got all those forms filled out today and paid them a large sum on mooooolah and got it faxed back. So as soon as the clinic in SC gets the tank from Xytex, then the snow babies will be shipped overnight to VA!!!! This all seems like it is happening, it's all REALLY coming together!

Tomorrow I will pop into my attorney's office, take her a final signed/notarized copy of our surrogacy contract, and also pick up a short addendum. And then we are done with that part!

I am so happy today that THREE of my personal friends had their FET today!!! Tammy had twins transferred, and she also adopted her embryos!!! Stick little ones stick!!!

And two of my friends from my infertility support group, Tina and Brandy, also had 3 snow babies transferred each this morning! It was really cool actually, they were right beside each other in the OR holding suites at our clinic! Nothing like the support of your infertile sister when you are right there!

I hope I don't sob into a puddle when all three get pregnant. But I really do want it so badly for all of them!!! I am praying for all of you!!!

Will update soon, when I know more!!!