Monday, February 20, 2012

18 weeks and growing up fast!!!

18 weeks old!!!! Baby girl is getting so big, and she is becoming increasingly more uncooperative for her weekly photos. Oh she smiles all day long, but as soon as I want to take a few pics with her sitting somewhere, nope!!! She wants to go!!!

I guess this is a good thing- it means she is growing a developing normally and she should be wanting to fidget and move, but I loved it when I could pose her and get the adorable I have to WORK for each one!!!

Her Aunt Joanie sent her this beautiful lavender dress, which she looks so beautiful in, so I thought it would be a nice outfit to take her weekly pictures in.
I think we have beat the reflux, colic or whatever it was. She is now sleeping through the night and it is so nice to see her happy. However we do have a period of the day from about 4-530ish where she is just not happy.
I know it's hard to believe this bundle of smiles is never not happy but when I bring her home from the sitters she seems to be so full of gas some days, its unbearable trying to get it all worked out. I've talked to her sitter, who we really really like, if she is doing anything different, and she says no, so we are still trying to figure out why the "witching hour" as we call it begins in earnest when I pick her up, but hopefully it ends soon.
I spend all day just DYING to get to her, and then to pick her up and she is screaming , is no fun at all. But she started "solids" this last week too. By that I mean a nice soupy rice cereal, so maybe she is taking in a lot of air when trying to eat off the spoon???? Anyone have any thoughts on this????

My angel is talking, and babbling all day long these days, and makes our home so happy!!!

Saturday we went to Target to get all the junk everybody gets at Target right? lol and we went to the "One Hop Shop" in the back of the store. It is the newly set up Easter area in the store for this season's Easter holiday. Easter happens to be my FAVORITE holiday of the year. I was so happy to take my baby girl to see some of the fun stuff they already had put out. Most of it she of course was far too young to appreciate, but man I can not wait until she will be able to enjoy Easter with her Mommy as I teach her what Easter is all about. Well we found these little tiny egg spinners that light up and she fell in love with it. She can even hold the toy now!!!

She was so fascinated with it- we had to get it for our girl of course....

She is starting to be so fun!!!! I am LOVING being a Mom!!!! And I included this last picture just for those of you that have written and asked "does she ever have a bad day?" or "Is she ever not smiling?" Well the answer is YES!!! and here is the proof. She can go from super happy to meltdown in 3-2-1 boom! just like any other kid, but most of her days are spent extremely happy!!! Awwwwww

And speaking of happy, one last little thing she did this weekend, she sat in her Bu.mbo for really the first time, and held her head up and laughed with Daddy and me.

She is such a fun kid- You just want to kiss those cheeks off!!! I am the luckiest Momma in the whole wide world! That little face loves me and how can you put a price on that???

And one last thing-- Thanks for all the comments on my last post when I asked should I keep blogging or not. I guess I just need some reassurance every now and then that there are actually people out there who are reading this, and who care. I am really doing all this for my daughter- but it's nice to get some feedback as well. So thank you- The blog rolls on.....