Monday, June 4, 2012

34 weeks old!!!!

Baby girl is growing so fast and she is so beautiful.... I feel so blessed to be her Momma!!!  Yesterday she turned 34 weeks old and I adore this set of pictures I took.  There is not going to much commentary on this post, I just wanted to post these beautiful pictures to be printed in this blog when it's printed into a book!!  My beautiful girl!!!
<3   Be still my heart!!!!  <3

 This is her pensive look, she was thinking for awhile and then she turned on the charm again!!!
 I love this picture, she looks like she is wanting to give me a big hug!!!
 Miss mischievous!!!

 Chloe, this week you are up to 19 pounds, and you are sooo long I am goiing to have to move to 9 month clothes soon just for the length.  Everything is so big on you otherwise but I think you are going to be a tall slender beauty!!!
We are still in Size 2 diapers and trying to use them all up before we move to Size 3, and you are really loving your bath time now!! You love to splash and eat your bath toys, and you never want to get out when its time to dry off. 
I adore you more everyday if that is even possible, and I can't wait for each new milestone as they come!!!  the same day these pictures were taken, you reached a HUGE milestone- YOU SAT UP ALONE for the first time.  It is such a big deal, the next post will be all about that by itself!!!  Now that you can sit up we can do soooo much more together!!!  Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!!!