Monday, August 1, 2011

A few more additions to the nursery

Hello!!! Well last post I said I was hoping to get these new pink birds to add to our owl tree in the nursery. I ordered white birds when I ordered the mural, and the white was invisible on the wall. So below is a pic of the finished mural with the beautiful pink birdies!! You will also notice that we changed the glider and ottoman form the old one in other previous posts. This one is white wood and pink looks so sweet. I CAN NOT wait to sit in there and rock my baby girl all night!!!

A couple of days ago we popped into Babies R US to see if there was anything from her Posey bedding collection still there- because the line has now been discontinued of course! :[ When we went in, we saw these precious soft blocks in the picture below that match her set that were not there when we bought the set!!! SOOOO sweet.

We also were able to order the hamper that matches it as well. There was only one left in a store in Cincinatti and I got it shipped to me!!! Cant wait to have all the beautiful pieces!!

And last but not least, we are starting to work on the walls now, and I had these beautiful letters made. I think they look super sweet actually hung up. I have been looking at these letters for over a year and now we finally hung them up tonight!

And I ordered another vinyl word quote to put on the large wall over changing table. I will post a picture when I get it in and put up!

Thank you all so much for all the encouraging words and cards and TEXTS!!! Speaking of texts- birthmom L is doing great. She did not come back with us 2 weekends ago for reasons I will not go into here, but ALL IS GREAT - and she even said tonight her mind is totally made up. SO that really does give me alot of peace. But my other nephew is getting married on August 13th in Maryland and then on Sunday the 14th we will drive north again and pick her up and bring her back with us until Chloe is born.

I know it sounds like a repeat of two weeks ago, but please pray for L, she is a very troubled young teen who is just looking for someone to love her and accept her. She has been through a lot so instead of getting mad at her like I sometimes want to, I have compassion for what she is going through and show her the Love of the Lord.

And my precious friend Robin is throwing me a shower on Sept. 24. I cannot believe it has finally arrived- MY baby shower- a day I have dreamed of!

Have a great week- and I will post more later this week.