Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our miracle has arrived!!!!!

I am thrilled to be able to post that our sweet little angel Jacob Christopher made his grand entrance into the world on Tuesday morning, Aug. 25th at 11:16am!!!  He is so beautiful and a perfect angel.  
Here he is at about 2 minutes old.  He came out screaming at the top of his lungs which was such a relief!!!  Due to some medications I had to take during pregnancy, there was a chance of him need respiratory help when he was born so they had a Resp Therapist there as well as a pediatrician in the room should he have needed any help. 
But he came out perfect and crying and we cried and cried tears of joy!!!  
He weighed in at 6lbs 7.4ozs and was 18" long.  He was a few weeks early so he was and still is a bit on the small side, but I love it when they are so tiny like this.  

  Big sister Chloe came up to see him about an hour after he was born, we were still in the L&D room at that point.  But she fell in love instantly and has talked nonstop about "her baby" since then.  
Jacob had to spend one night in the special care nursery under the bili lights because of his bilirubin levels were much too high.  
It was a hard night on this momma, as I wasn't leaving his side, but his body responded just perfectly and we were able to bring home our sweet little angel last night about 7 pm!!!
And just like my amazing mother to always surprise us, she had our house totally decorated with balloons and banners to welcome us all home!!!  I cried and cried when we pulled into the driveway. I have the best mother in the WORLD!!!! 

Our sweet family...... My heart is so full!! 

And my first night home with him last night was a little tougher than I had Δ‡hoped but all in all he did quite well and we are on our way to getting down pat a routine. 

Chloe has just been giddy to finally have him home and she of course wants to hold him all the time, and I will keep letting her bc I never want her to feel as though she can't love on him.  So the first time she got to hold him at home, I snapped this picture on my cell.  

BE. STILL. MY. HEART.  πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸΌπŸ’™πŸ’—

just can not even handle the love she has for him and how precious they are together!!!!
So today I have been relaxing and doing a lot of snuggling with my tiny little baby boy, reveling in the miracle that he truly is!!!! 

Thank you all for your prayers and love  for me and my family as we have endured a very hard, high risk pregnancy. But I would do it all again in a heart beat to experience this amazing love that we have now. Our family is complete.  Finally.  

And when I look back at the conception of this blog and how much of it has chronicaled our desire and very long journey to have children, it's is so wonderful to be able to post the continuation of our story after our beautiful adoption of Chloe and now the miracle birth of our son.  

We serve an amazing God who has amazing plans for our lives, better than we can imagine for ourselves!!!!  We are so grateful for this little angel in our lives and the chance to be parents to his precious creation!!!  
We will certainly be sharing more in the days ahead and look forward to watching  this little 6 lb nugget grow into an amazing little boy!!! πŸ’™πŸΌπŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

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