Monday, June 28, 2010


Hey ya'll!!! Well in the adventures that are our life, we have had one thing after another.

1. Our AC broke, only a mere $700 to fix it!
2. Huge falling out with my best friend!
3. and now we have Sweetness being diagnosed with Shingles today!

So of course AF was supposed to show up last Friday, and in true fashion because I actually WANT her to show, she wont. So I am waiting on it, and then I will begin the BCPs!!

So, I have called the clinic and they said shingles on hubby should not be a problem, as long as I dont get it. So Sweetness being the precious one he is, has set up his bedroom in the guest bedroom until he is no longer contagious. But we must endure I do not get this!!!

And one more thing, I have an appointment with Maternal Fetal medicine on Thursday. Reason is, I have a serious neck injury to my occipital nerve, (from a roller coaster in case you are wondering) for which I just recently began taking morphine extended release. It has been a god-send. I actually have gotten my life back-and I mean literally! Anyone close to me knows how much I have truly suffered, and I am a new woman. I did not realize just HOW MUCH pain I was in.

Well my new RE is all nervous-nelly about me taking it, when my pain doctor said it was absolutely fine. Believe me, I do not want to take medicine, but I am in a serious situation. So my RE is sending me to the MFM guys to evaluate the situation. I will have a better idea on Thursday, and will let you know.

It feels exciting to know we are on our way now, come on AF, lets get 'er done!!!