Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Any Day Now.....

I know you all are waiting and SO ARE WE!!!!!

I am in constant everyday contact (TEXTS....LOL) with L, just waiting for the moment that she says she has gone into labor. We are on high alert!!! The stress of all this has landed me in the hospital actually!!! I actually could not believe it myself.

Quickly, Thursday evening, I cam home from work at 10:30 pm, and my right arm and hand were tingling as I was changing clothes and then as I leaned into the mirror to remove my earrings, I saw my right side of my mouth drooping down and my eye doing the same and I began to drool- and BOY WAS I SCARED!!!!

Sweetness hopped out of bed and we flew to the ER, and my butt never hit the waiting room seats and I was wished back to the back and with in 2 mins there were about 13 people all around me hooking me up to everything they had in that place and I was petrified- of course I am "Dr. Marsden" so I knew this was probably a STROKE- so I was praying hard!!!

So then I was admitted- and upstairs I went- to Room 336 to be watched. It was the brand spanking new hospital that just opened last month and it sure was pretty!!! And with new hospital comes the new technology. For the 3 days I was in- everytime a baby was born there a little lullaby is played over the whole hospital, and the tears silently fell.....

So the Diagnosis was indeed a stroke variant from a migraine-even though I did not have a headache at the time!!!! Its a long story, but Ill have to explain later- but this is all brought on by stress.

But the point of the blog post- it looks like there will soon be a happy ending to all this stress I have endured for sooooooo long!!!!

So birthmom just said her sticking point between us and the other family with catholic charities is they will pay all the medical bills. Wow. Its always about Money. So she asked if she signed Chloe over to us, would we pay her medical bills? we agreed because she DOES have insurance under her father, and she will be in-network at that hospital, and all of Chloe's nursery costs will be covered under my insurance as my dependant, I think somehow we can swing it! But it certainly puts a new stress on it now doesn't it???

But the Lord Almighty has brought this sweet one to us, and He will work this out. But I just racked up a hefty medical bill myself with my STROKE this past weekend..... but man are we ever so thank ful.

I praise the Lord God- for it All--- and when I first hold my sweet baby girl- every last one of you will hear my screams of delight!!!!

I love you Chloe- hurry up and get here!!!