Monday, August 16, 2010

Wow have I been sick

Well just a quick update before the big day tomorrow! I have been so sick today, vomiting non-stop, and having some serious pain in my abdomen. I was trying not to complain and just knew it would get better, but oddly it was getting worse. So I finally called the doc on call tonight, and she actually did my retrieval......She tells me that my retrieval was not easy and she is not at all surprised that I am hurting as much as I am. Well nice of some one to tell me this. No one ever said ANYTHING to us. She said my ovaries were kind of hidden behind scar tissue and that they had to push really hard on my tummy to get to them, so no wonder I am dying here!

So she called in some Zof.ran for me to the pharmacy to stop the vomiting. Sweetness just picked it up and boy am I feeling much better now. We avoided a trip to the ER, so I am very happy!

We have to be at the clinic at 730am tomorrow, and they will check me out, and give me some IV fluids if needed, and get me already to get my babies put where they me!!!

Thank you again for all the prayers, emails and messages. We feel really good about this cycle- even through all the ups and downs- we feel the peace of God radiating around us, and are so hopeful this is our time!!!!

I will update tomorrow evening if I can and let you know how everything went, and we will for sure take pictures of our sweet littles and show you on here!! Until next time, I will be PUPO!!!