Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am beyond words....

Well guys I have been played the biggest fool ever.  I  still riding home with Sweetness so I can not do a full blogpost on this phone but here is a small synopsis....... Went to her house to pick her up, she's texting saying she's not home, we knock on the door and speak to her stunned father for 45 mins-- cluing him in on all the lies she has told us.  But basically she has lied about everything..... She was going behind our back and made arrangements to have the baby adopted by Catholic Charities.  She never had any plan to come back with us or even giving us the baby.  So I let her have it last night and this morning...... I told her she is the most cruel and mean person I have ever known that preyed on our raw emotions of being infertile and that she has to live with what she has done to us.  She doesn't even care, but she did say that we can have her if Cody ( the father) gets her.
So basically our only saving grace is we are trying to get Cody back to PA before the baby is born to exert his rights and then I THINK my attorney said he can cross state lines with the baby and maybe do the adoption in VA.  I still am waiting on our attorney to call me back.  And I'm sorry to say but our nephew has his priorities screwed up.....he is living in a shelter in AZ and just found a job and his place at that on the job.  But I just told him he.created this and he better come save her from the crazy girl who is her mother.  He brought us into this and we have traveled all over the eastern US to make this happen so he better get here.  So he said he would call us back and try to make some calls etc. And I guess we will fly him out to PA.
Needless to say I am so broken, so broken...... I don't care what happens to me.  Sweetness and I have just rode in silence all the way home as I sit and cry.  I just have lost all faith in God and humanity in general.  How could I be such a fool?????  Guess the joke is on me.