Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chloe eats food for the first time!!!!

Baby girl is getting so big SO FAST!!! I am so happy to report she has passed a huge milestone in her life!!!! She has tasted FOOD for the first time!!! There is a short story behind why we started it when we did...... Monday her sitter Sam called me and said she thought she has pinkeye and that I needed to come pick her up and take her to the doctor to be sure before she could return. Can we say UGHHHHH?????

I knew she didn't have pink eye , just a few hours prior to that when I dressed her, her eyes were perfectly fine, but alas I picked her up and we went to the pediatrician and lets just say that having someone poke in your 5 month old's eye is NO walk in the park okay??? She screamed bloody murder!! So after they saw that she did not have pinkeye, they looked with a special lamp and saw that she had scratched her cornea!!!??? What the ??? Guess she did this with her fingernails..... So we spent the afternoon together which was awesome and I got to buy a very expensive, very TINY bottle of eye drops to put in her eye to heal it and that was that.

However, while we were there, I asked Dr. L if we could start her on food because she eats her rice cereal off the spoon very well now and I think she is ready. And she whole-heartedly agreed!!! So she told me to start with orange vegetables first (bc they are easier to digest) and then green ones and then move to fruits.
So her sitter and I started with sweet potatoes first and she LOVES them!!! She ate 1/2 of a jar the first day for lunch and the other 1/2 the first day for dinner!!! My girl loves food!!!
I just love this kid!!! I took her beautiful clothes off, because why get it all over her outfits just to have to wash them when as soon as these pics were taken, she was straight into the bath where she splashed around and got all clean, then had her bottle to get most of her nutrition still, and then went night-night and slept her usual 12 hours!!!!

When I say I have the perfect child- I mean I pretty much do!!! I am just soo soooo blessed!!!

And this past Sunday she went to the park for the first time with me and 3 of my girlfriends!!! She wore her sunglasses and what a hoot she was!!! She enjoyed all the sunshine and children running around, it was so nice to be able to take her to the playground now and watch her enjoy other children. This is my beautiful friend Robin holding Chloe at the park.

Well that's all for now. I know I have still not posted her 5 month pics in her 5 month onesie nor her 22 week pics..... life is busy and I do good to get up the posts on here that I do. But I hope you enjoy the pics of my girl she sure is the most precious gift I have ever received!!!

PS- Oh several of you have emailed and asked, the pediatric neurologist appointment is this Tuesday, March 27th at 2:20pm EST so I would most definitely appreciate prayers, and I will OF COURSE update after that appointment to fill you in on the situation and see where we go from here. xoxo