Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our 3 year Wedding Anniversary!!!

January 17th, is a day that is always the most special day of the year for me; even more so than Valentine's Day or Christmas. Why? Because it's OUR DAY..... It's the day we picked to celebrate us. And every year when that day comes around we get to remember the love we share and the wedding we had. Furthermore we get to celebrate the past year of memories that is Heather and Sean!!!

And wow what memories we have this year!!!! This could arguably be the best year yet of our three married years. It only gets better and better, right?. Of course THIS HAS TO BE the best year. We became the parents of the most amazing baby girl any one could ever ask for and for that alone, no other year could top it-- could it???

But just reminiscing to the day I promised my heart and soul to the most amazing, fun-loving , kind-hearted and Christ-like man I know........, I get teary eyed looking at all the beautiful pictures of that day.... January 17th, 2009.

All our friends prayed over us, asking His blessings and boy has He ever BLESSED us!!!!

We celebrated with the most amazing cake, and boy did we do some celebrating this past year!!!!

We smiled with joy as we pulled away from the church, and we smiled as we pulled away from the hospital this year with our new baby in the car!

As we walked through the doors as the new Mr. and Mrs. Marsden not at all like we were when we left. This past year we walked into our home with a new baby in a baby carrier and as new parents we crossed the threshold, not at all like we were when we left!!!

So now here we are the new family of 3. Our first Christmas together this year. Oh the fun living and watching life through Chloe's eyes!!! All because I made that promise on January 17th, 2009

And here we were last night, before we left to go on our anniversary date, Grandma was over to watch our sweet girl, and I had to take a picture of our sweet family of three, that exists because I made a promise on January 17th, 2009.

This man I made that promise to has shown himself to be the most AMAZING father to our baby girl and always knew in my gut he would be but it is so awesome to see it in action. It all started when she was 1 day old in the hospital with this love......

and then adding more of this............

Until today, our baby girl is wrapped tightly around her Daddy's finger and he loves every minute of it. He and he alone gets up in the night if she needs a middle of the night feeding and it has always been that way since I went back to work when she was 4 weeks old. He says it's his "special time with his baby girl." Awwwwww

And here is our precious little girl this morning in just one of her "I love Daddy" outfits. She and me sure do love Daddy. Somehow I think that all future January 17ths are going to be super fun as we show our Sweetness/Daddy how much he means to us, as she grows up and can help me celebrate and voice how much she loves that Daddy of hers.

But for now, I will have to be the only one that tells him, and Sweetness, if you are reading this..........

Yeah...... that January 17th- 3 years ago was with out a doubt the best decision I ever made. You make my life worth living and I am a better ME because of YOU!!!

Love you to the Moon and back baby--