Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Low levels= green light!

Okay ladies, I got my levels taken this morning, and just as I suspected, both my E2 and Progesterone are low, and that means we can begin the IVF cycle. I learned today that if I am not bleeding, then I did NOT ovulate. Maybe this is why we are not getting pregnant on our own, becomes at times I am not ovulating. So I took my first BCP tonight, I will do this for three weeks, however in 7 days I will begin Lup.ron injections. All of this is in an effect to suppress my ovaries from maturing any follicles until we want to mature many at the same time.

I will keep you updated!! Also..... today I went for my very first acupuncture with a highly recommended acupuncturist. This is a link to her website, and those of you following my website and also dealing with infertility may find what her website has to say about acupuncture interesting.

It may even help this chronic neck nerve damage injury that I have been dealing with. That gives me a great deal of hope! It did not hurt and it was very relaxing. I actually felt a sense of heat pulsating from the actual needles. It was really a unique feeling......

I will update more later in the week. I have had a very stressful evening, I will fill you in more later.

Thanks again for all the love!!!!