Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Milestone.... and a message

What milestone you may ask? Well one that I never thought I would be so happy about ...EVER..... but my surrogate finally got her cycle yesterday!!! This means we can finally get the calender on how they are going to line us up on our cycle dates and get this show on the road!!!

I will let you guys know when the nurse calls back and we finally have some dates.

In other news, yesterday morning I woke up and rolled over and grabbed my phone (which I do every morning). And I was looking at the emails that came in from overnight. Well to my surprise there was an email from someone named QBrezzy at aol. Now I do not know this person, but man she has a lot of nerve. she proceeded to tell me she thinks it despicable that I am "begging everyone for money" when I am not even willing to work myself. WHAT???? Excuse me??? Did you just send this to ME???

I was so angry, and then hurt and then like who is this? So I wrote her back, but just in case she reads here again. I wanted to just say this.....

You don't know me, and I don't know you. But if you did know me you would KNOW that I work a full time job tirelessly everyday of my life and always have. I also am actively looking for a part-time job and spend my weekends filling out applications for them to try to make this surrogate situation easier on us financially. You have no right, and it is none of your business to even question what I do or whether I have a job or not. And secondly I have NEVER asked a single person for money.... EVER. Some of my friends suggested I put the PayPal button on my blog, and some have even donated to help us- we have spent over $100,000 trying to have a child and that kind of money certainly does not come about with me sitting at home all day eating ice cream.

Please don't ever come back to my blog- this is a place for me and my husband to chronicle our journey to parenthood and for the people who love us to keep up with us.

Thank you to all of you who do love us, support us and p[ray for us. We feel the Lord working in all ways to bring a beautiful outcome out of this pain!

Love you all.....