Monday, April 4, 2011

This is a lot of work!

Wow! I think we are doing things THE most complicated way possible to have a baby!!! We are using a surrogate (with a blood issue), using donor embryos from another state, and adopting them at the end. That folks is ALOT if legal paperwork!!! I feel like I have done most everything I can do at this point, but now we are waiting on these blood tests to beorered to be sure the embryos are compatible with my surrogate's blood issue. My nurse at my clinic is on vacation this week- and the clinic where the embryos are stored need to speak to her. Ugh nothing is easy when you are not there ans can not just do it yourself!!! I am trying to realx and trust that this will all come together. After all we have accomplished a LOT! -We got our homestudy done and approved, - we got the surrogacy contract written by our attorney and signed and notarized by all parties, - we got our psych eval done, - we got the embryos being shipped soon, - surrogate got her blood drawn for STD panel and Ive got the other contracts for termination of parental rights all ready. But I just wish this did not take sooooooo long! Patience......... just relax, god will work all this out! And to add to my stress- today is my first day back at work after 6 weeks off. Lets just say I am going to have to ease into this. It was so nice being home but Ive got to make some money to pay our surrogate! Thats about all the update for now- I can hardly wait until tomorrow night for our monthly Infertility support group meeting! I just love these girls and love to be around them! Talk soon:)