Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chloe's Room

So we have been hard at work setting up the nursery for our special girl. We painted the walls the lightest palest pink. I love how it turned out. We finally got the white dresser in the mail and spent an entire night putting that together. I am very pleased with how it turned out.

Then we finally got the crib in after over 3 weeks on order. And surprisingly it went up in about 30 minutes!!! Here is a picture of it all done with her precious "Posy" bedding on it!!

And here is a picture of the view inside the crib of her little snuggle bears, and of course those of you who know my Sweetness in real life, knows he HAD to put a Snoopy in there!! :)
And then here is the largest shot of the whole room I could get all in one shot. I think it looks really cute. Just like I envisioned it to. The cover on the changing pad on the changing table matches the sheets too, its all coordinated!!

The only things left to do are to decorate the walls. Birth Mom L said she wants to help with that, and I am so happy to have her to help. We ordered wooden letters hung on ribbons that say "Chloe" that we will hang over her crib, and the picture sitting on the back of the changing table needs to be hung over the changing table. The beige bassinet will be beside our bed when she is brand new.

One other little find we purchased was her TOTALLY awesome Chic.co KeyFit 30 Stroller travel system shown below. This stroller and car seat has the highest safety ratings in every category and highest consumer ratings also. We really wanted this system but it is VERY pricey. I happened upon it on Cra.igslist for a fraction of what it costs new, and it was in PERFECT condition. It also came with 2 car bases!!! What a blessing!! I love the bright neutral colors and can not wait to use it!!! I have dreams of loading her up and taking her to the zoo and having people ooooing and awwwing over her like I do to all the new babies we see there. Dreams I have .....

So we are really almost there. We buy formula and Pampers every week, we are stocking up so to speak. We also bought the Tommee Tippee bottle system and can not wait to use that either.

As hard as last week was with the surrogacy cancellation, I am feeling renewed hope again and am praying this will all end as happy as we feel right now.

And most of you know by know that the financial strain we were under was MAJOR. WE have earnestly been praying the Lord would make A WAY. Well as of today He did. We got a call from the clinic, and we will be getting a sizable refund back from all the money I paid and did not use. That money will cover the attorney's fees for the adoption as well as the agency who did our home study that we still owe a lot of money too. HE REALLY CAME THROUGH FOR US- HE REALLY MADE A WAY!!!!

One last thing- If any of you out there are planning any future fresh IVF cycles and need some of the meds I have TONS of unopened meds that cost a fortune that I will sell at a fraction of the original cost. Send me an email or post a comment with your email in it and I can tell you what I have.

Feeling extremely blessed today......