Saturday, March 26, 2011

We officially have some contracts

Yesterday I went to our lawyer and my mom came along . I thought I was just going to pick up the completed contracts, but we ended up there for over 2 hours. We discussed certain scenarios, and she cautioned us about other things, all trying to protect us I guess. Our lawyer is so wonderful. She is like the grandmotherly type and I really feel so comfortable with her. So later that evening we met with our surrogate and her husband and delivered the contracts to her. She now has them and will look them over and hopefully sign them and we will at least have that part done.

I spoke to our nurse at the clinic and she is still trying to get the official embryo donation consent form turned in from the couple we are adopting these embryos from. I am trying very hard not to worry that this is not going to happen, its just so many things that have to happen. So we still sit and wait basically.

Also this Tuesday we will be having our psych evaluation for surrogacy with the doctor the clinic recommended. Then as soon as that is over- we then will come home to the social worker and she will tour our home for the home visit portion of our home study!! It fels like some things are actually happening!!