Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our trip to Pennsylvania....

So last weekend we went north, ultimately to pick up birth mom and bring her back with us, but that did not happen. So I am going to do this post on the positive things that did happen on the trip. So we drove up later Friday night, and then early Saturday morning we went to our nephew's wedding in a beautiful park. Here is a nice shot of Sweetness and me before the service. (BTW- these are my first pics taken with our new DSLR camera)

These cuties are the ring bearer and flower girl. The ring bearer is mt nephew- the brother of the groom- named Aiden. and the flower girl, named Alyssa is the daughter of the bride.

This is during the service..... it was such a beautiful setting at this park, and such nice weather!!!

I thought I did such a nice job taking this picture- looks frame worthy to me!!

Here they are cutting their cake!!! As you can see red was the color of the day. I think it was a little too much red, but let me tell you everything matched!!

So after the wedding was over, we headed another 2 hours north to visit with our sweet friends Tara and PJ who recently moved to Pennsylvania from here in Virginia.

They have such a wonderful and inviting home- we felt so welcome. We went to some outlet malls and shopped, the guys at Bass pro shops and the girls at Gymboree, Osh Kosh and Talbots.

Before we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse we stopped and saw a beautiful covered bridge. There are several of them in Lancaster county and the area is rich with the Amish riding the roads in their horse-drawn carriages. I just loved it up there! So here are some cool pics of this one lane covered bridge....

And last but not least, here are our precious friends, PJ and Tara, who will be spending the entire month of September touring Europe! I'm so jealous!! Have fun kids and be safe!!

So that was our fun weekend and then of course we came back with out birth mom. But she and I texted yesterday and the plan now is we are going to meet her half way on Saturday, Sept. 4th and then I will drive her car back to Virginia and Sweetness will drive our car back to Virginia. This way she will not be driving the whole way alone and very pregnant- and she can still have her car while she is here visiting.
We are trying so hard to do anything we can to help her and get her here, so this adoption will be financially possible. Please keep us in your prayers, I am getting more and more anxious the closer it gets and she is not here in Virginia.