Friday, April 3, 2015

16 weeks and already contractions!

Wow!!!  I can hardly believe we are a full 16 weeks and 1 day along already!!!  It has been an exciting week this week. Baby Jacob has been keeping me on my toes!!

Yesterday I awoke with what felt like horrible menstrual cramps so of course I panicked.  No blood or anything but they continued to worsen so much throughout the day that I finally called the dr office.  They had me come right in and did an ultrasound and the fluid levels look
good and Jacob was swimming all around just fine. So they then hooked me up to a monitor and you could see all the contractions I was having!!! Yikes they really hurt. 

Doc did a pelvic exam and my cervix was tight and closed and no rupture of my membranes or anything so he felt confidant they were Braxton Hicks and not preterm labor. Thank goodness!!!

So now I can't lift anything and no exercising. I have been just chilling and taking it easy!!  

I am really starting to feel pregnant now.  My belly is popping out there and I am miserable trying to sleep. My hips ache so bad and my back kills me. So tonight Sweetness and I stopped at Babies R Us and I got this.....
This "Snoogle" pillow comes highly rated 
from my friends who have been pregnant. So I am anxious to get it out and curl up and see if it makes a difference!!!

Lots of friends have asked me to post belly pics, so I guess I will start doing that next week at 17 weeks. 

And last but not least, Sunday is EASTER and tomorrow we are going to take Chloe to her third EASTER egg hunt of the season!! We are meeting our sweet friends and their little girls there and it should be tons of fun!! I will pay some pictures of my sweet girl in her beautiful Easter dress and basket on Sunday morning!!!

Hope everyone has a glorious Easter holiday and thank you for your continued prayers for our miracle baby on this journey!!!!