Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30 weeks old and her first illness....

You wouldn't know it from this smile, but Baby girl has been soooo very sick this past weekend when she actually turned 30 weeks old.  So these pictures were taken a couple days late after she was kind of getting back to her normal self, but man Mommy has never seen her baby that sick.

 She went to bed Saturday evening as usual around 6:30pm, and then awoke at 9pm crying hysterically and BURNING up with fever.  Took her temp and it was 101.3. So we rocked and cried most of the night, neither Sweetness or I got any sleep whatsoever and Chloe didn't either.
 So after being on the phone all night with the on call nurse- she got us an appointment with the after-hours clinic.  I had no idea one even existed.  But I am so happy to know that our pediatrician's office has teamed up with 4 other offices of peds doctors, and they take turns running an after hours emergency care for babies and toddlers on Sat and Sun from 9-1pm.
 You must have special permission to have one of these coveted appointments on the weekend, but hey you only have to pay your co-pay, no ER fees!!  Anyway, the doctor we saw was okay- not all that friendly, and my baby was so sick- by this time her temp had risen to 103.1 even after 3 doses of acetaminophen!!!
 So after the exam, we were told that Chloe had a n ear infection in her Right ear and she had the hand/foot and mouth virus that was going around everywhere right now.  The what??? Huh???
Well after some research I remembered learning about his virus in Micro, it is called the Coxsackie virus, and it makes babies 3 and under VERY sick, usually by causing a rash or ulcer type sores on the hands, feet and in the mouth.
 But Chloe only had them in her mouth and all down her throat, nothing on her hands and feet.  So in this case it is called Herpangina.  Well that made her so ill she did not want anything by mouth and she was getting dehydrated.  So we took her home, gave her her dose of amoxicillin for her ear infections, and gave her a cool bath to bring down the fever, a dose of ibuprofen and then we all three took a nap.  We were all so exhausted it was comical.
 After Chloe woke up from her nap, we headed over to my mom's for my Nana's 86th Birthday party.  I ll post about that next post.  Chloe continued to get worse over there, and her fever was creeping higher and she refused to eat and now was vomiting as well.  The nurse on call said to go to the ER and get fluids for her.
 So off we went to children's hospital's ER, and there they gave her fluids, and she cried and cried and it was so pitiful.  he doctor said they had already had 13 admissions that weekend because of this virus spreading around. Also my two cousins, one in Michigan and one in North Carolina, said that their kids have just gotten over this virus in the last several weeks, so it must be all over the country!
 So we finally were sprung from the ER, and were home to sleep, and boy did baby girl sleep.  She FINALLY slept, after being up for almost 20 hours straight.  She slept until 9 am on Monday morning.  I stayed home all day with her as she was still contagious and I could not let our babysitter come watch her and then take it home to her 8 week old granddaughter who lives with her.  I was being super careful.
And then yesterday, grandma stayed at my house and took care of her.  Today Bonnie is back babysitting her as usual, and by all accounts she is doing very well, and had recovered and is all smiles again!!
I know all kids get sick, but man it hurts your heart when it's your baby.  She has never been sick since she was born, but boy she broke us newbie parents in good this past weekend!!!!  ;)