Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not much news right now

As my title says there is not much going on right now. My surrogate and I are both on birth control pills. But we will be on them longer than I had hoped or envisioned because of several reasons. The main one is because my surrogate was on a birth control patch trial at our medical school, and she basically had break through bleeding much of the month on that patch. So when she finally was able to with drawl off the trial, my doc did and US and said her lining was too thin to just jump in. So he wants her on a full pack of BCPs and then have a cycle, and then we will get going.

I am just feeling so badly on these BCPs and if I ask for them to be changed then it would only further prolong this whole thing. So I suffer through and lay down most evenings, and Sweetness is exactly that Sweet. He loves me and boy do I love the way he loves me. He takes such wonderful care of me and I am so grateful I get to walk through this life and this adventure with him.

I will post later this week about a few events of the last week, that really have nothing to do with IVF or babies exactly, but important nonetheless.

Blessings to you this week, and my thoughts and prayers are with those of you in Joplin, MO and others devastated by these horrible tornadoes this week. Lord be merciful to them please.

Love you guys!!!!