Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am amazed once again. So we get to the clinic this morning fully expecting to have the whole thing canceled. I had blood taken, then the ultrasound. My head RE was there. And when he did the US, my follicles were huge!!! I mean they went from 3 mm yesterday to like 11 and 13mm today!!! ( I have a theory on this that I will elaborate on in a second). And my lining looked really good at 8 mm. So he said that if my blood work comes back today and my estrogen has risen like it should, we will continue forward and just chok the bleeding episode up to something strange.

So the RE just called me and said my estrog.en went from 169 yesterday to 359 today. Very nice increase. He is so confused as to how I can be bleeding when my estr.ogen is rising and follicles growing???? But the bleeding has now gotten worse, like a full-fledged period now, with bright red bleeding. So he said for me to continue on the medicine and we would reasses on Monday afternoon. I am asking you guys to please pray this bleeding stops SOON.

Oh I forgot to tell you that I did talk to me RE about the lackadaisical way they are handling my IVF care. I emphasized to him that when I pay all this money, I EXPECT someone to act as though they care what I am going through. I am obviously not a run-of-the-mill IVF patient. Nothing is going smoothly, and no one is talking to me! He seemed very concerned that I was so frustrated. He also told me to call him anytime I wanted and he would always answer my questions if he had an answer. My mom came with Sweetness and I, and she said she felt very certain that he "got it" and understands now that I need some special care as we struggle through this. I do feel much better now!

So my thoughts as I continue to bleed, is that I am hoping we can at least get to the harvesting of my eggs, and then if my lining is not right, since I am bleeding, then we could freeze the embryos, and do a FET next month. I just don't want to waste all this expensive medication. It's over $2000 each fresh IVF stimulation cycle. So that is my prayer right now.

I am on bed rest and just trying to trust the Lord that He knows what is happening and He is still in control! Thanks everyone for interceding on our behalf!!!